Thursday, January 10, 2013

Part Two of my Resolution

So as previously stated, my New Years' resolution is to de-clutter my life. Part one of this process is the "buy nothing new" year, which is going well so far (although I'm only 10 days in!). Part two is to de-clutter my home by getting rid of some of the random junk that I have lying around that I really don't need.

The beginnings of my Goodwill pile!

Originally I had planned to set a goal of donating a certain percentage of my current possessions, but that just seemed too arbitrary and difficult to verify. Instead, I am now going through my things and asking myself "Do I need this?" "Does this make me happy?" If the item doesn't evoke an affirmative response to either of these questions, it goes in the pile. 

It's actually been a really great and cleansing process, and I look forward to how much easier it will be to find things I'm looking for and maintain some semblance of cleanliness once the de-cluttering is finished.

I will keep you all posted as my pile grows, and possibly post some items for sale on here if I get really motivated :)


  1. I definitely need to do this again - I try to do it a few times a year. A question I always ask myself is, "Would I buy this if I saw it in a store today?" "If I tried this on in a store, would I think it looks good enough to buy?" Often, the answer is now. Especially with clothes. If I've had something a long time, I'll keep it in my closet (even if I hardly ever wear it), but when I try it on, I realize it doesn't look as good as I thought it did...and that if I were in a dressing room, it would be staying behind.

    1. That's a good way to go about it -- I feel like I need to have a "dressing room" night and just try on all the clothes I'm not sure about. In fact, maybe we could combine forces and make this happen with mac&cheese and TLC? :)

    2. Yes, absolutely, most definitely.