Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Favorite Responsible Producers!

Inspired by my earlier post on just how irresonsible so much of worldwide manufacturing is, I've decided to start a list of some of my favorite responsiblly-manufactured brands.

These are all brands that I have done at least some research on and feel comfortable supporting if I do have to buy something new:

(These are just off the top of my head right now, I'll continue to add to this as I find more!)

$ = good deal, comparable to other brands
$$ = a little pricier, but you get what you pay for
$$$ = expensive, but responsible consumerism doesn't always come cheap!

ReCellular and Mobile Karma (Link) $

Tees by Tina (Link) $$$
Earth Creations (Link) $$
Great list of clothing retailers (Link)
American Apparel (Link) *Made in USA and committed to sustainability, but there have been recent controversies around working conditions and sexual harrassment* $$

Undergarments & Sleepwear:
Only Hearts (Link) $$
Commando (Link) $$
Hanky Panky (Link) $$$
Bella Materna *Maternity and Nursing* (Link) $$

New Balance *Only some models are made in the USA* (Link) $$
Klogs (Clogs) (Link) $$
Tic Tac Toe's (Link)$$

Bario Neal (Link) $-$$ 

Hair Care and Skin Care:
Yes to Carrots (Link) $

Cleaning Products:
Simple Green Naturals (Link) $
Casabella *Made in USA and utilizes recycled materials* (Link) $$
Homemaid (Link) $

Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea:
Equal Exchange (Link) $$


Do you have any favorite responsibly-produced brands? Please leave any other suggested additions to this list in the comments below!


  1. How about American Apparel? Not that it's a favorite brand of mine or anything, just curious what you think about them.

    I have a friend that works at a small clothing boutique called Amour Vert - their whole thing is eco-fashion, which is a cute idea but they're quite expensive. But I do think this type of idea is becoming very trendy...which is fun.

    When it comes to shopping for regular household products, like cleaning supplies and toiletries, I feel like I could be more "eco-friendly" but find it difficult sometimes because I'm just not sure where to buy stuff like that. I guess I could buy it online but I hardly ever remember to order, say, dish soap, before I run out. I also feel like regular stores (i.e. Target, Safeway) do have "green" options but I'm never really sure how reliable that is. For example, I think Clorox has a "Green Works" version of several of their products, but to be honest, I'm not 100% sure how it's different. Have you researched much into eco-friendly labels/versions from big brands?

  2. Hi Liz!

    I didn't add American Apparel because there have been sexual harrassment and sweatshop allegations made against them over the last several years. I do believe buying from them is better than buying from oversease sweatshops, but I still wouldn't list them as a favorite.

    As for eco-friendly cleaning supplies, I usually get mine at Trader Joe's or Berkeley Bowl, but I know I'm lucky to live close to stores like these! You really can find some great products in regular stores and drug stores, it just might take a little more research to find out which ones are worth supporting -- for example, my favorite shampoo (Yes to Carrots!) is sold at CVS, which makes buying it much easier! I've also seen good stuff at Target.

    Hmm, I will do some more research on eco-cleaning supplies and get back to you :)

  3. Just looked up Casabella - sold at Bed Bath and Beyond!