Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Hurrah

So you may be wondering -- did I go on a big spending spree on December 31 to buy everything I would need, thus making my year without spending way less impressive and legit?

I did go out to a (pretty, outside, fun-to-walk-around) mall a few days ago, with the intention of getting any last shopping urges out of my system, and what did I buy?

A bath mat.

Yep, just a bath mat -- exciting, I know.

I think I've really been ready for this "buy nothing new" challenge for a while now, and have just been waiting for January 1 to make it official. Honestly, I've come to realize that there is nothing material that I really need (and having had some pretty rocky finances in the past, I am extremely grateful to be able to say that!). So instead of having to restrain myself from buying a new pair of boots or some fancy clothes, I really and truly just did not even want to purchase them, and actually I started to feel pretty overwhelmed just being in a mall.

So there it is, my last shopping hurrah. I bought a bath mat. It's really soft and matches my towels (and was on sale), so I am happy about that :)

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