Monday, April 15, 2013

Buy Nothing New Wedding Update

I have been largely away from the blog for a few weeks now, in part because I have been spending most of my free internet time planning for this upcoming wedding! I'm really doing my best to put together a wedding that still reflects my values, and here's where I'm at right now:

Things I've figured out in a responsible/sustainable way(Blog posts coming soon!):
- Venue, food, photography
- Do-It-Yourself Videography
- My dress/ensemble
- Centerpieces (I love Goodwill!)

Things I still haven't quite figured out how to do sustainably:
- Future Husband's apparel (How do you multiple coordinating ties in a specific color family used?)
- Gifts for the awesome people who are helping us out
- Other decorations and activities
- Flowers 

If anyone has suggestion on any of these things, please let me know! I promise to come back and start blogging again very soon :)

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  1. For the Husband's apparel...can you just tell the guys to wear ties in that color? Do you want them all to match? We just told everyone to wear grey (suits and dresses) -- specifically, I said "anything between white and black is fine". I think it turned out well!

    Grey is a bit easier than, say, blue, because the range of what's out there is so much greater, but you could say "find/wear a tie that's dark blue" or "between these shades" or "this type of blue" (and give examples), and just let people fend for themselves. That way they can use something they have, buy something used, borrow, splurge, etc.

    Gifts...handmade/homemade is fine! And honestly, gifts are not necessary. People are helping because they love you, and do not expect gifts! A hand-written note is more meaningful than something you've spent money on anyway!

    Other decor? Go minimal! Don't worry too much about decorating, especially since your venue is so beautiful! A little goes a long way with an outdoor wedding (it's not like you have to decorate a plain ballroom), and nobody will notice anything but you guys anyway!

    Flowers...flower mart/farmer's market/someone's garden? Bouquet-making with friends the day before? It can be really nice to have someone handle it for you though, especially coming from out of town! Having to worry not only about assembling, but vases/refrigeration/keeping them nice and transportation as well...not fun! Maybe seek out a sustainable/green florist in the area who is up and coming so could give you a discount? Happy to help spread the word to my LA folks...